The late Huseyin Cambel was a general manager for a Romanian shipping company based in Istanbul, Turkey.




Huseyin Cambel started operations into the petrol sector.



Nedret Cambel became the general manager and expanded the operations as well as started distributing Bedford, Ford and BMC trucks.



Murad Cambel started the exports of auto and truck spare parts, stainless steel parts, cleaning tools, home appliances, packaging equipment, also provided consultancy services to manufacturers from various industries and supported several companies in Europe and Middle East by supplying their private label products from Turkey and Bulgaria.


Cambel settled its company in Bulgaria where started to provide customers in European Community with immediate answers to all production developments.



Cambel started operations in Sao Paulo – Brazil, which activated the Latina American Market.



Cambel offered a consultancy service to a group of Auto Spare Parts Companies in Caucasian market for three years by establishing their companies, setting their professional team and implementing the market in Azerbaijan and Georgia.



Nowadays, Cambel continues to provide consultancy service to various manufacturers from various industries with the aim to export their products to Europe, Middle East, East and South East Europe.

Cambel will always continue to offer its reliable services with quality. It has also maintained its ability to develop relationships with companies from all the five continents.

We would like to thank all involved with Cambel from the past to the present, for their efforts and successful contributions.