We research…we explore
We offer consultancy to boost exports by setting business strategies, creating new ideas and solutions to achieve our clients’ biggest goals

No boundaries for your business…
Purchasing Agency for Competitive Sources & Providing Private Label Production Abroad
We ensure clients’ support accross all the continents

Standing up your business
By accessing & exploring new markets, we establish your company and assemble a team with experience and expertise in target market

Acting as trading agent is the basic function of Cambel Consulting and International Trading. In this role we perform virtually every activity necessary to assure the smooth sourcing, searching, evaluating, purchasing and consolidating at the most favorable price, quality and conditions. Our function as international trading specialists, we arrange for the transportation of products from supplier’s delivery point to final destination at the lowest cost in the shortest possible time. We only work with reliable proven freight and forwarding and shipping companies around the world.

Marketing Activities: Our goal is to expand your marketing activities for numerous products world-wide. We will work with large or small companies depending on the potential of the market prospects for the future. Whether it’s a new product, a new country, or both, we know how to put you in any market place in the shortest time at the lowest cost.

The Customer Needs: We are always attentive to your needs, and evaluate most carefully the strategically best available prospective organizations, before introducing them to you. But finally, YOU always choose.