Brazilian Furniture

The Brazilian furniture market is the fifth in the world ranking of this sector, with a turnover of R $ 38 billion per year, according to Brazilian Association of the Furniture Industry (ABIMOVEL). The national production is composed essentially by the small factories present in 11 poles across the South and Southeast regions. Brazil currently has 17 thousand companies dedicated to the furniture manufacturing. Historically, this is a thriving segment, especially for the ease of obtaining quality raw materials in the national territory, such as woods, cotton and latex. In the last four years, furniture production expanded around 30% , and last year the United States became the biggest Brazilian furniture importer which encouraged a range of other companies to start up business in this competitive market. The big challenge is to respond to the expectations of the consumers, however most Brazilian furniture producers have already achieved high quality manufacturing and seek to raise the standard even further by implementing their production by combining wood with marble and metals such as copper and brass and investing even more in the design of their products.