Brazil invests in quality to face the Asian competition in international markets



Brazilian footwear industry consists of more than 600 companies, responsible for directly employing over 350.000 people making 900 million pairs annualy and it is highly sought after worldwide, as a result of the low prices, high quality and unique design.

Therefore, Brazilian footwear is exported to more than 150 countries, reaching around USD 1 billion of sales in 2016, a growth of 4% in number of pairs when compared to 2015. The United States, Argentina and France are the top destinations for Brazilian footwear exports.

Brazilian footwear manufacturers are betting on quality to face China’s competition in international markets.

China produces eight billion pairs of shoes a year, representing around 70% of world production. Chinese shoes are mainly exported to Japan. Yet, the level of Brazilian product is much closer to Italian than to Chinese.


Brazil has the largest production of cowhide in the world, high technology in the footwear manufacturing, skilled labour and industrial training.  

The Chinese shoe wins by price, not by quality. In addition to quality, Brazil is internationally recognized for timely delivery, which counts in world trade.