Outdoor Footwear

The organisers of the OutDoor exhibition in Friedrichshafen, which this year takes place from June 18-21, have said they anticipate a high level of visitor interest in new outdoor footwear collections.

According to research from the European Outdoor Group, footwear is responsible for more than 25% of the outdoor industry’s total turnover and current trends suggest enthusiasts now own four pairs of outdoor shoes or boots.

Outdoor footwear is more than just hiking shoes,” the exhibition organisers said in the build-up to OutDoor. “It means multifunctional shoes for everyday use and travelling, sporty shoes for trail-running or workouts, sandals for summer, warm footwear for winter and footwear for a range of other activities.”

Valentin Strohmaier, marketing manager at Mammut, said at the same time that customers today expect higher levels of functionality from outdoor brands than they do from mainstream shoes, but insisted that shoes or boots with the right levels of “multifunctionality” can be worn in the mountains and in town and that these styles are going to become more and more popular.

A key account manager at Teva, Thomas Kramm, said he and his colleagues have begun to use the term “modern outdoor” to describe shoes of this kind.

From Footwearbiz.com