Men now own as many footwear collection as women – survey

British men now have as many pairs of shoes as their female counterparts, according research conducted for retailer Spartoo.

Men own on average 19 pairs of shoes, including eight pairs of trainers, five sets of smart shoes, two pairs of boots, two pairs of sandals or flip flops, a pair of football boots and a pair of wellies.

The average UK male’s footwear collection costs £861, according to the survey of 2,000, compared with £789 for the average woman.

Men had bought three pairs of footwear in the past 12 months compared with two for women.

April Buchanan, marketing manager at Spartoo, said: “Although we traditionally think of females as having huge shoe collections, the research shows that men are catching up in the footwear stakes.

“Men’s fashion has certainly gathered pace in the past decade, with consumers becoming more diverse and daring, and now it seems men are on a par and about to surpass females when it comes to footwear. Trainers in the casual wear category is the largest growth category and it seems we can’t get enough.”

Those aged 25-34 were the biggest spenders in the last 12 months, followed by the 35-44 age group.

Buchanan added: “The rise in popularity of activewear and sports luxe clothing has accelerated the grow in trainers for a large majority of people, with consumers wearing trainers outside of the gym and sports activity. The relaxing of dress codes in the workplace and for formal events also means people have larger collections of casual footwear than in past years.”

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