Brazillian Furniture Industry

The domestic furniture industry has an important role in the indicators of the manufacturing industry in Brazil, either in the production of value, or by its strong social impact and the ability to generate jobs. In the last ten years, the productivity of this segment has improved, allowing a strong growth regarding exports. Furniture hubs – usually made up of small and medium-sized manufacturers – are undergoing positive changes, especially after the significant growth of the internal market, which incorporated many furniture and design consumers, who were excluded by then. Brazil is characterized by a combination of several production processes, involving the most different raw materials, whose result brings a variety of sophisticated and innovative end products.

Both in Europe and in the United States it can be noted an export-oriented production. The low coefficient of openness to foreign trade reveals great opportunities for the furniture industry, which has been trying to change these figures through international partnerships and programs such as the Brazilian Furniture. 2014 figures and projections for 2015 confirm not only the importance of the industry, but also its potential for resuming economic growth and overcoming challenges with a focus on innovation and sales to other countries.

Abimóvel – IEMI/2013

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